The Artwork of Christine Ivers has been described as vibrant and textural with dynamic light. The effects she achieves can run the gamut between high contrast and a gentle softness that brings to life the paintings she creates. From the contrasts of night's darkness and glowing lights in what she calls her "NightScapes," to the subtle play of colors filtered through nature's atmosphere in her landscape paintings, Chris paints with a freedom that is easily seen in the strokes of pastel as well as in her oils.


Teaching is all part of the artist's life as she dedicates herself to help others to hone their talents in order to better express themselves through whatever medium they prefer to work in. She travels nationally to share her skills through workshops. As a semi-retired advertising professional, she not only teaches painting but also helps artists to become better acquainted with the digital revolution that has evolved over the last decade.


Chris lives with her husband David in central Connecticut.

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